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Are you interested in bringing the practice of TM and the work of DLF to your organization? We are continuously expanding our partnerships and would love to hear from you.

We currently partner with middle and high schools in the regions where our offices are located, regional and national veterans organizations, organizations for women and children survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and those working in recovery from, substance and alcohol abuse.

We work closely with our partners to gain increased and quantitative understanding of the effects and benefits of Transcendental Meditation – working towards national and international implementation of the TM program at the institutional level

Please contact Adam Friedman, Senior Director of Programs, at Together we can improve lives while creating a healthier and happier world.

In Honor Of and In Memory Of

Acknowledge the individuals or organizations of your choice by giving a gift In Honor Of or In Memory Of, please contact Ina Clark, Chief Philanthropy Officer, at

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