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Our groups - such as Generation Meditation and the Leadership Circle - offer supporters the opportunity to become active voices in the work of DLF.

Generation Meditation

Generation Meditation is a dedicated group of young leaders who are committed to the mission of the David Lynch Foundation. Members serve as ambassadors for DLF, supporting our work through fundraising campaigns and events. To learn more, click here.

Leadership Circle

DLF’s Leadership Circle plays an active role in many facets of our work. This group of dedicated supporters serves as a forum for collaboration, discussion, and the formation of new ideas to enhance current programs and their impact. In addition, members help to spread the word about DLF through their networks while making new connections.

Leadership Circle members:

Lisa Angerame • Peter Attia • Stacy Bash-Polley • Edward Bergman • Chuck Bliziotis • Jared Bluestein • Robert Eberley • Cindy Feinberg • Matthew Grossman • Sandy Haas • Heather Hartnett • Stephanie Hirsch • Drew Katz • Rachel Katz • Jayme Koszyn • Fred Landman • Seen Landman • Aurora Lopez • Andrew Nikou • Andrew Sommers • Sheila Stamps • Christina Steinbrenner • Adam Zipper • Jim Zucco

If you are interested in becoming a member of either of these groups, please contact Ina Clark, Chief Philanthropy and Communications Officer, at

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