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About Us

The David Lynch Foundation works to help eradicate the global epidemic of toxic stress and trauma in at-risk populations through use of the evidence-based, drug-free Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.

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Established in 2005, the David Lynch Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has brought Transcendental Meditation to more than 500,000 at-risk youth and adults worldwide. In addition, the Foundation hosts medical symposia and professional conferences in order to educate leaders on the research and clinical applications of TM on mental and physical health.
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What We Do

What We Do

The David Lynch Foundation brings certified, trained teachers to the at-risk populations we are committed to serving. We also educate and raise awareness of the proven impact of TM and its psychological and physical benefits, partner with highest level individuals and institutions to continue to build gold-standard research on TM and DLF programs, and advocate for increased acceptance and support.

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Our Board

Our Board

DLF's Board of Directors brings a wide breadth of experience, business expertise, and skills to the Foundation, and are highly engaged in our work and mission.

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Our People

Our People

DLF's team brings the benefits of TM to those in need based on years of experience, skill, and is committed to building our organization and its impact.

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A Q&A with Bob Roth, our CEO

TM is a simple, natural, effortless technique practiced for 20 minutes, twice a day, while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It allows the active thinking mind to settle inward to experience a naturally calm, peaceful level of awareness while the body gains profound rest.

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Partner With Us

People suffering life-threatening trauma and chronic stress are waiting eagerly - often desperately - to gain the practical benefits of this scientifically-proven, simple, stress-reducing, health-promoting technique. Our programs reach soldiers, families, children, people with substance use disorder, prisoners, and other at-risk populations, with dramatic results. If you are affiliated with social services, education, health, philanthropy, or government, or are a philanthropic individual, please help us bring TM to at-risk populations in the area of your choice by becoming a David Lynch Foundation partner.

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Join Our Team

The David Lynch Foundation is growing, and there are often new opportunities to join our team. For opportunities in our U.S. offices, please click below.

Our Offices

Our work extends across the globe, with offices throughout the United States.

New York

228 East 45th Street, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10017


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Washington, D.C.

120 3rd Street, NE

Washington, D.C. 20002


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5300 South Shore Drive, Suite 88

Chicago, IL 60615


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Los Angeles

621 S. Highland Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90036


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A Message from David Lynch

I started Transcendental Meditation in 1973 and have not missed a single meditation ever since. Twice a day, every day. It has given me effortless access to unlimited reserves of energy, creativity, and happiness deep within. This level of life is sometimes called "pure consciousness" - it is treasury. And this level of life is deep within us all.

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